Apart form hosting book tours, we can also do various other services to help you with the promotion of your book such as writing press releases, setting up a newsletter for your blog, managing your social media, arrange publicity services for your book and more.

Please check out the sub-pages to read more about our marketing services. If something you’re looking for is not listed here, feel free to contact us by email.

Press Release

A press release is the perfect way to get the word out about your book. We’ll write a custom press release, highlighting the strengths of your book, and then submit it to the right people.

Please go here for more information about press releases.

Social Media

Need someone to keep your social media up to date? We can help you to interact with your followers, to tweet every day and have meaningful conversations on Twitter, to grow your follower list on Twitter and Facebook, and more.

Please go here for more information about social media. This package is also available for publishers.

Publicist Services

When you have several books out, you want to focus on your newest release – not your backlist. Let us focus on your backlist instead. We can help you promote your previous books by gathering reviews, finding people to host you as a guest or interview you, set up Facebook events, set up price promos and make sure the word get outs, and develop alternative strategies to promote your backlist.

Please go here for more information about publicist services. This package is also available for publishers.

Standard PR Package

We have a standard PR package for authors looking to launch their book, or to pull more attention to their book. This package includes: three teasers for your book (you can choose which snippets to include in the teasers), setting up a media kit for your book in PDF format, a promo blitz for your book on a date of your choosing, a headtalker campaign and a Facebook party for your book. For more information, please go here.

Deluxe PR Package

This package is for everyone who wants to get the maximum out of their book release, or who wants to promote their book to the max. It includes an empress tour package (25+ tour stops), everything included in the Standard PR Package, a Facebook release event, a press release, and more. For more information, please go here.

Custom Book Marketing Campaign

Have a new release coming up? Or did your book just release and you need help promoting it? Count us in. We can help you develop a marketing plan and strategy, find your target audience, and develop your brand across multiple platforms. We can set up large blog tours – larger than the packages we currently offer – host Facebook events, send out newsletters, brainstorm about blog posts, set up Thunderclap campaigns, basically, whatever you need help with, we can help you for an hourly rate.

Please go here for more information about a custom book marketing campaign.