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All Book Tour Packages include author interviews, book excerpt posts, guest blog posts, book reviews and giveaways, unless the author specifies he/she doesn’t want a certain type of posts.

We have Book Tour Packages for everyone’s needs. Our Packages vary in length from one week to two months!


Publicity for Your Book

Enchanted Book Promotions is here to help you promote your book across various platforms. We can set up a virtual book tour for your book, but we also offer publicist services on a monthly basis, as well as social media management and even a custom book marketing campaign tailored to fit all your promotional needs.


Book Covers

If you need a book cover (or any other graphics, like banners, website design, etc.) we recommend I Heart Designs.

Authors who order a book cover through I Heart Designs will get a 10% discount on any tours scheduled through Enchanted Book Promotions.


Schedule a Book Tour

Schedule a tour for your book to help promote it across various book and writing-related blogs to gain a larger audience.

We will set up book reviews, author interviews, book excerpt posts, guest blog posts and giveaways, based on your preferences and needs.



Not quite finished with your book yet? Looking for someone to edit your manuscript for you?

Enchanted Book Promotions recommends The Over Achiever. If you get your book edited or proofread by The Over Achiever, you’ll get a 10% discount on any book tours scheduled through Enchanted Book Promotions.


Celebrate the Release of Your Book

Celebrate the release of your book with a release day party. At least 10 blogs will feature a promo post of your book on the day it goes live.

Contact us to set up a release day party for your book – because it deserves a celebration!


Welcome to Enchanted Book Promotions!

We’re here to help you promote your book.

We offer various services, ranging from virtual book tours to marketing services such as writing a professional press release, setting up a newsletter for your website, managing your social media and organizing a custom book marketing campaign for your novel. We also offer webdesign services.

We have more than 400 tour hosts, and have hosted more than 800 tours. We accept all genres. We’ve hosted tours in the past for every genre ranging from non-fiction to thrillers to children’s books.

If you’re interested in scheduling one of our services, please go here.

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Release Day Schedule Only An Earl Will Do

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Tour Schedule To Win A Viscount

July 25th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading July 25th: Book Excerpt @ Stormy Night Reviewing July 26th: Author Interview and Giveaway @ Passionate Encounters July 28th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Silver Dagger Scriptorium July 30th: Book Excerpt @ Maari Loves Her Indies July 30th: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge August 1st:…


Majanka and Enchanted Book Promotions are true professionals providing the best service. And for affordable prices. This is the third time that I’ve used their services and plan to use them again in the future.

Barry K. Nelson Author

Enchanted Book Promotions are one of the hardest working blog tour sites out there. I’ve used them as an author and as a tour host and you won’t find a better organised site. They give more than enough time to their tour hosts to prepare and they gently prod them if the post isn’t forthcoming. They are friendly, hard working and organised and I can’t fault them.

Claire Warner Author and Tour Host

I am so impressed with Enchanted Book Promotions. Majanka was very attentive with every step of the process and set up a terrific and very successful book tour for me. I highly recommend this service for any author trying to market their book and bring it to the next level.’

John O'Riley Supernatural Fantasy Author

‘Love being a host with Majanka, prompt confirmation and everything is to hand that is needed to do the tour.’

~ Sylv Jenkins

I had the pleasure of working with Enchanted Book Promotions recently on both a book tour and a release party. Majanka offered excellent communication, along with simplifying the process for me. What I thought might be an overwhelming, nerve-wracking experience, turned into a pleasant, low-stress, party! Organized, smart, and helpful – I’ll definitely use the promotion services again in the future.

Ava Catori Romance Novelist

This was a great tour. Despite a couple of hiccups, Majanka responded to my queries in record time and took care of those surprises. I also enjoyed visiting each of my stops, the hosts were courteous and friendly.
I will definitely sign up with Enchanted Book Tours again.
Thank you so much for a wonderful tour!

Su Halfwerk Author